Honesty. Integrity. Commitment. 

Stephen Crawford is a principled man who values freedom, fairness and respect. His background building and growing businesses provide valuable experience needed in Queen’s Park. I am confident that Stephen is the best candidate to serve the people of Oakville.

- Hon. Maxime Bernier, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party of Canada

The Crawford’s are a family that have two careers, raise funds for Plan Canada among other charities and raise two sets of twins. If there is a candidate that knows how to manage their time and will do a great job representing Oakville- it’s Stephen Crawford.

- Erin O'Toole, Member of Parliament, Conservative Party of Canada

Stephen Crawford is a candidate who has entered public life to give back to his community. I am grateful that we have such an authentic candidate in Oakville.

-Lisa Raitt, Deputy Leader Conservative Party of Canada

Having worked with Stephen in his capacity as a director on the Oakville Conservative Association board, I’ve seen first-hand how passionate he is about making a difference in the Oakville community and improving life for families in Ontario. Stephen has a unique ability to bridge the gap between business and politics, which will help the next Ontario PC government fix the Ontario economy and get the province back on track.

- Peter Turkington, President, Oakville Conservative Assoc. & former President, Oakville Provincial PC Assoc.

As I have come to know Stephen and Najia Crawford, I can tell you that I am impressed with them as hard working contributors to the Oakville community, a family unit (they have two sets of twin daughters), and logical thinkers who are committed to making Ontario the best possible place to raise a family.

- Esther Shaye, Oakville Conservative Assoc. & Oakville Provincial PC Assoc. 

The Wynne Liberals have terribly mismanaged the economy and made life unaffordable for families in Ontario. Oakville needs to have a strong PC candidate in the next election to ensure we make a change. I am supporting Stephen Crawford because he is a man that has the right leadership and business experience to win Oakville and help get the province back on track.

- Jane McKenna, Former MPP & current PC Candidate Burlington

We strongly support Stephen and know that he will be an excellent MPP for Oakville. He has an extremely successful business background and a great love of his community, his Province and his wonderful family! He is committed to bringing well paid employment opportunities and prosperity back to Ontario. Stephen’s work ethic and dedication are needed at Queen’s Park!

- Suzanne and Curt Allen, Oakville Residents

My wife Susan and I met Stephen and Najia last year. We have gotten to know Stephen very well in this time period and he is a genuine man, true to his beliefs and a man of integrity. Stephen’s unique background gives him an excellent understanding of the dilemmas facing Ontario today. We feel Stephen would make an excellent MPP for Oakville.

- Susan and Sahand Pouladi, Oakville Residents

We have known Stephen for a number of years and have always been impressed with his commitment to his family, friends and community. We can say without hesitation that he will be an excellent representative for Oakville in Queen’s Park.

- Dr. Kiran and Abbey Nagi, Oakville Residents

I’ve known Stephen for over 20 years and I can state that he is one of the most hard working individuals I know.This combined with his business sense and passion for serving the community will make him an excellent candidate for the PC Party in Oakville.

- John Chisholm, Oakville Resident

Having worked closely with Stephen for over 10 years I know his business skills and work ethic would be a valuable asset to the people of Oakville.

- Ian Ihnatowycz, CEO First Generation Capital, Founder Acuity Funds